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Herculine's 1000 Names, 2006

The Big Winner is in love with a cyborg named Herculine. Through their love affair The Big Winner discovers, to much her judges dismay, that she may also be a compilation of many parts.

An absurdist look at gender and identity, Herculine's 1000 Names was first performed at the Sistahood Festival in Vancouver, BC, and later published in the journal Sexing the Text, as part of a conference on Sex and literature through Simon Fraser University.

Herculine's 1000 Names runs approximately 17 minutes.

Some Heavy Sugar, 2004 - 2008

One night in 1929, September, a couple of burlesque dancers are hatching a plan. What unfolds is sly scheme that is absolutely the cats meow, allowing these two queens-a-sheba to skip town with some heavy sugar.

A fast talking, sexy satire, Some Heavy Sugar has been performed at numerous cabarets and burlesque events.

Written by Maya Suess
Performed by Luisa Jojic and Maya Suess

Sentenced, at Brief Encounters, 2005

Brief Encounters, produced by the Tomorrow Collective, is a monthly event in Vancouver, BC, that brings together diverse artists to create an original live performance. Pairs of artists are chosen by the collective and given only two weeks to produce short experimental works.

In 2005 I was paired with painter and multimedia artist Nikki Hainstock. The result of our collaboration was Sentenced.

Exploring the history of women's work, and how language typecasts people into gender roles, Nikki and I decided to "launder" language and produce a fresh sentence, unbound by historical notions of Woman.

Sentenced was an improvised piece within a structure; reading from pages of old books written on a variety of subjects, I would chose a random sentence and transform it into a radio jingle. Hanging the page on the clothes line behind me, I would wheel the page to Nikki who stood behind a vintage ironing board. She ironed garment facing onto the page, chose a word from the sentence I had read, painted it onto the page and hung it on the line. At the end of the 10 minute work, a new sentence hung out to dry.