Guilt Gelt and Gifelte Fish: a Jewish Lesbian's Handbook, 2005

On January 14, 2005, RL Cutler and Maya Suess presented the bestselling dime store primer Guilt, Gelt and Gefilte Fish in the window at Dadabase/Xeno Gallery, Vancouver, BC. Exploring the stereotypes and narrative potential of two distinct identity groups, the artists performed a series of tableaus that exposed the undoing of subjectivity, embodiment and caloric intake. Manifesting a three-hour installation Cutler and Suess riffed on pop culture, retail culture and cultural baggage. The resulting window display represented the nine chapters of this compendium. This was a reenactment and should not be construed as in anyway representing or reflecting the lives of the performers. Instead the performance was an act of liberation against the tyranny of conceptual art, a gesture of hope in the face of strategic career moves, a surreal entertainment on a dark and stormy night.

R L Cutler