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Enchanted Karaoke:  I've Got You Under My Spell 1: Radical Judgement Transmutation Song, 2011

Enchanted Karaoke provides magical intervention options for the contemporary urban environment. The first of the series, I've got you under my spell 1: Radical Judgement Transmutation Forcefield Song, offers a practical tool to transform negative assumptions from strangers into glowing postulations as to *the singer’s* productive potential. Designed for feminine gender expressing women to reclaim the arrogation of ones identity from assumptive males, and transform belligerent comments into glowing compliments, it should be noted that each spell/song in the Enchanted Karaoke series may be altered to fit ones unique identity and circumstance. Any believer is invited to get it stuck in your head, and incant regularly.

When We Fall, 2010

A dystopic fantasy; a talking head from the other side; a warning and a wish. When We Fall is an apparition casting spells from the future. Playing with scifi imagery and evocative lyrics, When We Fall elucidates the bleak fascination we have with our own discordant state.


Shoot is a video triptych (3 channel) to be shown in a loop.

Facing each other over an ideal but static landscape, and supported by an a cappella soundtrack of sirens, two figures mimic stalking each other with a rifle. Whether real or imagined, the navigation of hope and fear produces a perpetual position of defense in the age of "security." 

The Tantrum Project,
with Sepideh. 2005

Chick  On Chick
, With Sepideh. 2005

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